Netta and Rico’s Spring Cleveland Wedding

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Tom and Peggy’s 50th Wedding Anniversary on Karen Menyhart Weddings.

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Welcome baby Orla, Cleveland family photographer

Every once in awhile, I get to spend some time photographing a new baby in her home.  I was so honored to have Orla’s mommy ask me to stop by and document her sweet little.  Orla is Irish for “golden princess, and what a sweet little princess she is!  Snuggling with Orla is Aislinn ( Irish for Dream)  and Nolan . Its obvious that little Orla is the center of lots of love and  cuddles in this house!

Welcome to the world and a family full of love, Baby Orla! You are as gorgeous as your name!

The Force is strong in this post…… Cleveland event photographer

Last weekend, at the historic Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland, Ohio, I photographed the Ohio Burlesque’s performance of the Tease Awakens… A Star Wars themed Burlesque show to get us all ready for the  Star Wars The Force Awakens! These talented artists performed to a sold out show.  Thank you Ohio Burlesque for the fabulous evening!

MC Ken Schneck rocked the mic with Star wars Trivia and Jokes.




The Tease Awakens is the brain child of Bella Sin, Queen of Burlesque . Bella also heads up the Ohio Burlesque.

First up was an amazing silk routine by Aerie Elle as Padme’ Amidala. Aerie Elle is from Phoenix, Arizona

Who new R2D2 had a cute girl inside? Sable Champagne as R2D2

Kinesy Quake as C3P0-
Bringing down the House was Lady J Marinez as a fierce Chewbacca!
Lilith Avalon as the Death Star….Linzypoo as Zam Wessel from Phoenix, ArizonaEllie St. Cyr stirred up the crowd as Kylo  Ren…The Doll Carousel performed a jaw dropping Storm Trooper Duet…Bella Sin, the mastermind behind the Tease Awakens… as a red headed Darth Vader… The act began with a brilliant lip sync to Adelle’s Hello…Noella DeVille as Boba Fett…More Strom Trooper AwesomnessKen Skywalker still joking along…Marly Teenie as Princess LeiaThe act that made the entire audience say AWWWW in unison …. Han Solo and Chewbacca dancing to Queen’s Your my Best Friend- performed by Doll Bambino and Eliza Sidecar

Fever Blister as the Imperial Guard…

Rubina Mamelons started off as Jar Jar Binks, then morphed….


Such a fun night! I am always happy to shoot new and creative projects!   I can’t wait for the sequel! Thanks Ohio Burlesque, and may the Force be with you!

Nikki and Jordan, Cleveland Christmas wedding

To get you in the holiday mood, I am sharing Nikki and Jordan’s Christmas wedding. For the full information, please visit my wedding blog on Thanks!

Genevieve, Avon Lake Class of 2016, Cleveland Senior Photographer

Its no secret that Genevieve is the most amazing assistant Karen Menyhart Photography has. This year is Genevieve’s senior year.   Genevieve helps with all of the senior shoots we do. Genevieve works every wedding schlepping gear, helping with lighting, and shooting a camera on her own. When It came time to do Genevieve’s senior pics, we knew they had to be different .

We wanted a shoot that said something about her and her passion. Presenting to you dear blog reader, Genevieve’s senior year in working pictures.

I have been documenting Genevieve and her passion for years through my lens. Every shoot she is a light model, or a focus tester, an ice light ninja, or the reflector stuntwomen, and always the punchline of my corny jokes. She faces everything I throw at her with a smile.

During downtime, she’s the creative pose test group. As soon as a shiny new lens  comes out of the box, she’s my go to model.

For every shoot, test run, and candid moments caught this year, I am so grateful and privileged to work with her. I can’t wait to see what she will do with her future through her own lens. I am so proud of my Genevieve, Momma loves you so.

ps- stay tuned for her portrait session in the spring…..


Back to School Senior Style Shoot with Vintage Love, Avon Lake High School Senior photographer

I am so excited to share this post with you! Karen Menyhart Photography is thrilled to share this styled shoot with you from Vintage Love, an amazingly awesome boutique in Avon, Ohio. I met the fab owner of Vintage Love, Jennifer Barristelli, this summer . I proposed a style shoot with five local seniors from 4 different local high schools. We asked Jennifer to style each girl for back to school and to give her some great looks to try on for her senior portrait sessions.  Jennifer is the master of putting together amazing looks  with clothes and jewelry. Her shop, located at 36741 Detroit Road in Avon, Ohio , is full of the coolest styles. All the seniors adored their styles, and we all had to buy some of the must have pieces from the session. Jennifer’s shop is so fun and full of such cute things. The store is has a Free People/ Anthropologie vibe, with a reasonable price tag. It’s the perfect place to grab some pieces for your upcoming senior shoot!

Here’s Lauren, Avon Lake Class of 2016. I am in love with this leafy print dress, paired with her lacy tie back T and rocking green stone bracelet. Jennifer also gave us a hat and cool shoes to play with.  Lauren’s jewelry was so fun and different. Lauren’s must have was this gorgeous necklace!


I really loved the chic boho vibe that Vintage Love has! Jennifer is always getting new things in, so if you are in the Cleveland Area, make a point to visit often!

Next up is Emily, Westlake Class of 2016. Emily has on a burgundy crop top and a pleated high wasted leather skirt. The crop to also has these cool cut outs on the side. Check out the jewelry and fun hat! Emily didn’t leave the store until she had that burgundy crop top ! I could not stop playing with the pleated leather skirt!



Hats are a great way to add a playful touch to your senior portrait sessions. If you are a hat girl, bring one to your session! If you aren’t, don’t worry about it. You don’t want to worry about not pulling off a hat in the middle of your portraits. It will show in the photos. It’s much more important to feel like your session is you- your style and your attitude.

Next up is Grace,  Avon Class of 2016. Grace is wearing my favorite boho Royal Dress in the store. Jennifer paired it with a jean vest, some groovy necklaces, and a gold lace cuff. Grace made sure the boho dress went home with her!




Genevieve, Avon Lake Class of 2016, is also wearing a red Boho tunic, a cute little long strap purse, gold hair clips and some amazing fringe boots. Grace and Genevieve’s dresses are from the same label.  I LOVE the necklaces Jennifer paired together for Genevieve’s tunic.





I just have to show your Karla, Magnificat Class of 2016. Look at these cool Boho pants! Jennifer paired these wide print leg pants with a high /low Tee and a grey lacey Tand a Jean jacket.. The necklace and bracelet are also from Vintage Love . Karla snagged the pants! The necklace went home with me….



Before we left, we asked Jennifer for some staying tips that you can use for your own senior shoot.

Choose something you feel pretty in.

“Wear something that means a lot to you, or bring something that means a lot to you to include in the session . Thirty years from now you will look at your senior photos and love the ones of you in your favorite sweatshirt that meant so much to you at the time. ”

Take a model or posing boot camp, to get comfortable with posing and moving in front of the camera. ( I thought this was a genius idea)

Jennifer Battiselli, pictured left.



Well, we all LOVED this shoot, and we had a ball! I wanted to buy EVERYTHING in the store! Thanks so much to Jennifer and Vintage Love in Avon.

For information on senior photography shoots, please visit, and go visit out Jennifer at Vintage Love! She would love to style you for your shoot!






Frankie and Matt, Akron Engagement shoot

I adore these two! For a complete blog post, please visit Frankie and Matt on

Jenna, Avon Lake Class of 2015, May senior shoot, Cleveland Senior Photographer

Sometimes Seniors wait until May before graduation to have their senior portraits taken. I always think this is a fab idea. There are gorgeous flowering trees out in May, and you can only have the flowering trees in your session at that time of year. I had a ball meeting up with Jenna and her Mom , shooting a fun session at the Miller Road Conservatory, Bay Arts and Hunington Beach. Jenna is probably packing up her stuff soon and heading out to Bowling Green. As an alumni of BG, I can tell you Jenna, that you will love it! Best of luck, Go Falcons!

Jake Clemons in Your Living Room, Cleveland Photographer

Ok- so I am fan girling here- I saw Jake Clemons a few weeks ago in Bill T’s living room! Some of you may ask, who is that handsome dude with the cool glasses in these pics? Well, he’s Jake Clemons, a musician and one of the regular members of Bruce Springsteen’s E. Street Band.

Now it’s no secret to those who know me that Bruce and I have been an item since my first concert in 1985. If there is a chance to hang with a member of the E. street band, I make it happen. This chance had me driving all the way to Howell, Michigan to meet Jake Clemens.

What’s really cool about the E. Street band is that all of the members are amazing musicians and  have careerers outside of the E. Street Band. Jake is multi-talented musician who tours on his own when he’s not hanging with Springsteen. Jake was touring on his own , in a serious of really small and unique venues!


A little side chat here- Bruce fans stick together. Once you meet up with another fan, you know that they are in your tribe.  A very fortutious meeting happened for me last April in Pittsburgh, at the Springsteen concert . I met up with a group of fans from Detroit. Bill T , his friends, and  I got along just fine , and I was welcomed into his tribe through a fun Facebook fan page. Bill is a big fan of Jake Clemons. One of his pals heard about a fun tour/ adventure that Jake was creating across the country for his fans.  Basically, Jake was offering to give a concert to a small group of fans in their living rooms. The lucky fans who have hosted Jake are all around the world ! Bill T was a lucky fan who got to host Jake in his living room in Howell, Michigan last week.  As a member of Bill T’s tribe, I got to go!

Jake walked in, quietly set up, and then blew us away with his musical talent. He shared his inspirations for songwriting, and amazing stories from the road. Jake Clemons is a natural born story teller. He did share a few tales of Bruce Springsteen and his famous uncle, Clarence Clemons of the E. Street Band, but this night was all about Jake and his music.

Jake wanted to bring back the music and the experience of the concert back to it’s basic roots. Long ago, people would gather in homes and invite musicians to play. The concerts were intimate, and the music sincere. Jake wants to revisit this concept, as he travels all over the USA playing small concerts in fan’s living rooms. It was an incredible experience as the listener. His stories and music left me with goosebumps.(not to mention his lovely southern accent). I went to this concert to as a Bruce fan, excited to meet and hear Jake Clemons. I left my pal Bill’s house as a brand new Jake Clemons fan, who… just happens to like Bruce Springsteen a little bit as well.