Jake Clemons in Your Living Room, Cleveland Photographer

Ok- so I am fan girling here- I saw Jake Clemons a few weeks ago in Bill T’s living room! Some of you may ask, who is that handsome dude with the cool glasses in these pics? Well, he’s Jake Clemons, a musician and one of the regular members of Bruce Springsteen’s E. Street Band.

Now it’s no secret to those who know me that Bruce and I have been an item since my first concert in 1985. If there is a chance to hang with a member of the E. street band, I make it happen. This chance had me driving all the way to Howell, Michigan to meet Jake Clemens.

What’s really cool about the E. Street band is that all of the members are amazing musicians and  have careerers outside of the E. Street Band. Jake is multi-talented musician who tours on his own when he’s not hanging with Springsteen. Jake was touring on his own , in a serious of really small and unique venues!


A little side chat here- Bruce fans stick together. Once you meet up with another fan, you know that they are in your tribe.  A very fortutious meeting happened for me last April in Pittsburgh, at the Springsteen concert . I met up with a group of fans from Detroit. Bill T , his friends, and  I got along just fine , and I was welcomed into his tribe through a fun Facebook fan page. Bill is a big fan of Jake Clemons. One of his pals heard about a fun tour/ adventure that Jake was creating across the country for his fans.  Basically, Jake was offering to give a concert to a small group of fans in their living rooms. The lucky fans who have hosted Jake are all around the world ! Bill T was a lucky fan who got to host Jake in his living room in Howell, Michigan last week.  As a member of Bill T’s tribe, I got to go!

Jake walked in, quietly set up, and then blew us away with his musical talent. He shared his inspirations for songwriting, and amazing stories from the road. Jake Clemons is a natural born story teller. He did share a few tales of Bruce Springsteen and his famous uncle, Clarence Clemons of the E. Street Band, but this night was all about Jake and his music.

Jake wanted to bring back the music and the experience of the concert back to it’s basic roots. Long ago, people would gather in homes and invite musicians to play. The concerts were intimate, and the music sincere. Jake wants to revisit this concept, as he travels all over the USA playing small concerts in fan’s living rooms. It was an incredible experience as the listener. His stories and music left me with goosebumps.(not to mention his lovely southern accent). I went to this concert to as a Bruce fan, excited to meet and hear Jake Clemons. I left my pal Bill’s house as a brand new Jake Clemons fan, who… just happens to like Bruce Springsteen a little bit as well.


  1. Bobbi says:

    Drop the mic! …his hair wins at life!

  2. rachel says:

    So cool!!! Love these – what an awesome experience!

  3. Angie says:

    These are so cool!! Love the third from the bottom!!

  4. Laurie says:

    I love this session – how cool to photograph these awesome fellas! And I for real love the life + spirit that comes through these images! Awesome job!!

  5. jacqie says:

    What a cool shoot! Love his hair! So much fun!!!!

  6. Erin S. says:

    Amazing job capturing such a cool experience. And how cool is Jake?!

  7. Kristine B says:

    I love how music brings people together! Jake seems so chill. That first b&w series is hands down my fav! What a fun and memorable experience! Love all the images – so intimate, candid, and perfect!!

  8. kim says:

    How cool is this!!!!!!! Love everything about it!

  9. Jenny says:

    Sweet! Nice work, Karen. I love that first photo!

  10. Jen Crowe says:

    These are so so cool!!!

  11. Lauren says:

    Awesome set Karen! These shots are awesome and his hair is kind of a big deal.

  12. Nicki says:

    What an awesome experience! These photos are amazing!!

  13. Chrissy says:

    This is so cool!!!! What a fun time! Rockin’ images, Karen!

  14. Abbey says:

    Awesome, Karen! You should be their official band photographer!

  15. Tina says:

    Wow…must have been such a awesome experience! I think they should take you on the road with them…you rocked these photos Karen!! Very cool!

  16. Maggie M says:

    How cool!! Brilliant idea for a concert setting. And you ma’am are a fine story teller yourself, these shots make me feel like I was in that living room!

  17. Danielle says:

    What an awesome idea and story! Karen these rock!!

  18. Melissa says:

    HOW FUN!!!

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