Bethany is Awesome!

Meet my friend Bethany. Funny. motivating. creative,  a great friend. Bethany is the evil genius behind Bethany Thomas Universe, a place for inner beauty and outer fire. Visit her for workout info, yoga, inspiration, and how to make yourself beautiful inside and out. I had such a great time photographing Bethany in late autumn. You can tell she doesn’t take herself too seriously,but she does take your journey to fitness very seriously. Check her out!





Whatever “facts” you think I don’t know about you, my friend…… you are mistaken. I already know all the truths of you. You  are a loving and wonderful person who was suffering. And now you are awake to the truths about you, too. So do not suffer any more. You are amazing. No blame. Just love yourself as much as I do.

-excerpt from Bethany Thomas Universe’s blog

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