Karla, Magnificat Class of 2016, Late Summer Senior Shoot

Meet Karla, she’s one of my daughter’s dearest friends. Over the years, I have watched her grow up into a beautiful young woman, inside and out. Karla, Gen and I went out to take some after senior photographs of her.

We has so much fun running around downtown Cleveland . One surprise we didn’t plan on was the weather on the Cleveland water front. High winds did not stop the shoot! We had a ton of fun shooting through then. I m glad the winds hit, because you get to see some genuine smiles and the lovely personality that is Karla!

When I graduated from High School, I had photos taken with my best friend in our caps and gowns. I thought Gen and Karla might like that as well.

Gen and Karla brought theirs along as well. The wind was so strong, it was blowing Gen over! I was laughing so hard I was crying during this part of the shoot….

We finished up this fun shoot in Downtown Cleveland, on East. 4th street and the House of Blues.

Best of Luck at Ohio State this fall! I love you like my own! I can’t wait to see the amazing things you will accomplish Karls!

Avon Lake Prom 2016 – Avon Lake Class of 2016 Senior Photographer

Wow. I just can’t believe it. My little baby girl went to prom for the last time! She graduates in a few short weeks. I had a ball shooting her getting ready. When last Saturday took a turn to rain showers,  we had an impromptu photo shoot for friends and their parents in my living room. Special thanks to my honey for moving out all of the furniture and decorations in 20 minutes! With some tears in our eyes, we watched her head down the driveway  to her last prom. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Special thank you to Mademoiselle Boutique for helping Genevieve find the perfect dress!


I loved having her friends over… Since when do seniors looks so sophisticated and beautiful?

Nugget was not impressed with the Prom photoshoot, and he turned down Genevieve’s invitation to come with.


What a fine upstanding young man, flashing his credentials before they hit the road…. :)

Erin , Magnificat Class of 2016

Meet Erin, Magnificat Class of 2016. Ive known this beautiful young lady since Kindergarten! I had to pinch myself , while shooting her Senior photos. Where has the time gone?

I loved spending time with you Erin during our shoot, and Im so thankful we’ve known you forever! Good Luck at Ohio University next fall!

And a few months later, we snuck a few in the famous Prayers From Maria sunflower field. A rite of passage for Northeast Ohio Senior Girls…

Genevieve, Avon Lake Class of 2016, Cleveland Senior Photographer

Its no secret that Genevieve is the most amazing assistant Karen Menyhart Photography has. This year is Genevieve’s senior year.   Genevieve helps with all of the senior shoots we do. Genevieve works every wedding schlepping gear, helping with lighting, and shooting a camera on her own. When It came time to do Genevieve’s senior pics, we knew they had to be different .

We wanted a shoot that said something about her and her passion. Presenting to you dear blog reader, Genevieve’s senior year in working pictures.

I have been documenting Genevieve and her passion for years through my lens. Every shoot she is a light model, or a focus tester, an ice light ninja, or the reflector stuntwomen, and always the punchline of my corny jokes. She faces everything I throw at her with a smile.

During downtime, she’s the creative pose test group. As soon as a shiny new lens  comes out of the box, she’s my go to model.

For every shoot, test run, and candid moments caught this year, I am so grateful and privileged to work with her. I can’t wait to see what she will do with her future through her own lens. I am so proud of my Genevieve, Momma loves you so.

ps- stay tuned for her portrait session in the spring…..


Jenna, Avon Lake Class of 2015, May senior shoot, Cleveland Senior Photographer

Sometimes Seniors wait until May before graduation to have their senior portraits taken. I always think this is a fab idea. There are gorgeous flowering trees out in May, and you can only have the flowering trees in your session at that time of year. I had a ball meeting up with Jenna and her Mom , shooting a fun session at the Miller Road Conservatory, Bay Arts and Hunington Beach. Jenna is probably packing up her stuff soon and heading out to Bowling Green. As an alumni of BG, I can tell you Jenna, that you will love it! Best of luck, Go Falcons!

Cleveland Rocks! Maddie, Avon High School Class of 2015 senior shoot, Cleveland Photographer

Maddie Rocks! I met this Avon High School senior at the Rock and Roll Hall of fame in downtown Cleveland. Maddie wanted to showcase Cleveland, but  she also wanted to add in different and fun elements into her shoot.  The Rock Hall and Voinovich Park are a wonderland of colors and textures. Maddie and her mom, Gena ( reflector Ninja and #1 assistant ) and I had a blast running around finding fun places to shoot. We created some awesome sauce photos here. Check them out!

Where else but in Cleveland can you have your senior photos with Alex Van Halen’s drum kit? I thought her white dress went nicely with it, and I’m sure Alex would approve…..

Then we ran down to the new marina behind the rock hall….. fabulous! While were were playing around down there, Maddie gained some new fans during  the shoot. They offered their boat as a set. We JUMPED on that ! Love these boat pics with her! Thanks Bill and Barb for letting us play on your boat!

After we jumped ship :) , we goofed off in Voinavich Park. Maddie is modeling a flower crown I picked up in Top Shop in Montreal. Everything in Top Shop rocks, so it fit in perfectly with the shoot.  We finished the day with some skyline shots!  Then we packed up the gear, and the band went home!  One more time…. Maddie you rocked this!

Zoe, Avon Lake High School, Cleveland senior photographer


The first thing I noticed about Zoe is her sweet smile. She has a groovy vibe about her. Totally laid back and fun, I had a ball shooting Zoe in her element. Zoe is a true artist. You can tell by the way she dresses and by her creative spirit that she dances to her own inner music. Zoe and her mom contacted me about senior pictures after she graduated from high school.  We created this fab shoot for her in a studio space, across from where she takes art classes in Cleveland. Zoe was at home in this creative space. I took one long look at the huge sunny loft window, and I was in love! The space, the light, and my artsy gal inspired me to create something special for my little artsy muse.