Jillian + Matt + Tripp + Gentry Cleveland Photographer

Oh how much fun I had photographing this family! Lucky me, they just moved into my neighborhood from Texas. Jillian had mentioned that she was looking forward to an Ohio fall. … and…Wish granted, Cleveland falls are gorgeous!  Meet Jillian and Matt, and their five year old twins, Tripp and Gentry. ( I know the coolest names ever, right?)  Being the mommy and daddy of twins means you hit the jackpot!, I am pretty sure Jillian and Matt agree. These twins are so fun and they have endless ENERGY!

Genty and Tripp are champion huggers and kissers, and I’ve been told excellent secret tellers….I want to add in expert leaf throwers….


I had such a lovely time spending a perfect fall day with you neighbors! Next year, let’s build a giant leaf pile 10 feet tall in our neighborhood and jump into it, ok? It’s a date!



I Heart Faces Oh so Silly!

I LOVE this family. They are so fun and silly!  I saw these props and just KNEW they would rock them….. Silly is the family’s middle name!